Commissions - Animal Portraits

Why do we love animals?

What is so beautiful about them?

What do they give us?

What can they tell us about ourselves?

Animals have the power to reconnect us with our own nature and have a way of touching us so deeply. They can provoke a visceral sensation within us - we feel better in our heart and soul.

A piece of original art is a wonderful addition to any home, especially when it celebrates a much-loved pet. Using photographs, I create lifelike, detailed paintings that capture the essence of my subject and offer a lasting image that you can cherish.

What I offer is a detailed, accurate painting of your animal

There’s a saying in art - look, look and look again; then, when you think you’ve seen enough, look yet again. So that’s what I do.

My work starts with getting to know my subject. A conversation with you is so valuable with this. Then, from a long and detailed study of the photographs you supply (I even dream about them!), I make preparatory sketches, both monotone and colour to establish the tonal variations and layout. The objective - to see clearly the essence of that which I paint. With animals, it’s usually their eyes and I paint them first. With other scenes, I find what draws me in to discover their secrets.

Always itching to start the actual painting, I’m excited when the moment comes to put pastel on the surface and bring my subject to life.


I specialise in pastel paintings and the surface I use is a sanded, acid free paper. All my pastel paintings are fixed at the end to hold everything in place, delivered to you highly protected (but should, nevertheless, be handled carefully until framed).

Pastel paintings need to be framed under glass with or without a mount but always in a way that the glass is not touching the surface. I am happy to provide advice on this.

Acrylics and Watercolour

Sometimes, pastels aren’t the most appropriate medium. For example if you prefer an unframed finish or much smaller format, then I am equally skilled at using acrylics or watercolour.

Detailed, Unframed, Unmounted Paintings

I provide detailed, unframed and unmounted paintings of your animal, usually without a background, in the following formats below.


A range of prices and sizes

Price #1

  • 1 Animal
  • 30 x 40cm
  • (12” x 16”)
  • £375

Price #2

  • 1 Animal
  • 45 x 60cm
  • (18” x 24”)
  • £525

Price #3

  • 2 Animals
  • 45 x 60cm
  • (18” x 24”)
  • £650


A £50 deposit is required to secure your booking in my calendar.

Commissions Postage & Packaging

Due to the variable size of each piece of animal artwork, postage and package can vary, so please do ask me for a quote.

Your painting will be carefully and securely wrapped to ensure it arrives in the same condition that it leaves my studio. I follow the recommended method for packaging unframed artwork in that the surface of the painting is very well protected, flat packed within rigid, foam core board and then inserted into a cushioned, weatherproof package.

Please Ask!

I am flexible! For more pets, to include a background or a different size or medium other than pastel, please contact me for a quote.


The element that is of preliminary importance and often the trickiest is the photographs you supply. A good quality photo really does make a difference to the detail in the painting.

Choose a high-quality photo taken in good lighting and from an angle you like. Please send a selection of photos, I can help you choose.

Visit my Photographing your Animal page for some helpful pointers.

How to place your order:

Send me an email to: together with a photo and let me know what you have in mind.  Alternatively, you'll find an enquiry form on the Contact page.