Photographing your Animal

Taking a pet photo can be challenging!

A high quality pet photo makes a real difference to the detail in the drawing so it really is worth getting the best possible reference photo. It doesn’t need to be a professional photo as phone cameras usually do a good job and are less likely to worry a camera shy pet.


Consider the lighting; ideally not in direct sunlight nor against the sun as this can alter your pet’s true colourings. Outside on a cloudy day is perfect or in a room with lots of light.

Get close enough

Get close enough to your pet so that he or she mostly fills the photo frame, this will ensure that details and characteristic features are visible.

Same level

Try to take the photo from the same level as your pet and with their eyes open. A reflection in eyes is like a jewel in the portrait.

Pet's collar?

Evaluate whether you want to include your pet’s collar in the painting.

Choose pose

Choose an angle or pose that is characteristic of your pet and that you like.

Send a selection

It isn’t always easy to choose so please feel free to send a selection of pet photos and I can help you pick one. In fact, I encourage you to send as many as you wish. For examples of my work please visit my gallery.

Some examples of good reference photos

Capturing the moment!

Email me your photographs

Please email your original full size photo files to me at: